01/25/2017 – Truck Camping

Hello everyone,

Only 7 days until I pack up and start my trip across the country. So far everything is falling into place. I have completed the build and all that is left is putting everything inside. Today and the next few days I will be loading my truck up with everything I need.

This post will be about how I converted my truck into a small home for traveling. The idea started over a year ago and the structure has held up since. I have added insulation, curtains, foam mattress and bedding. I wanted to take a simple approach. I built the entire system myself using a drill and saw. Below is how I built my sleeping platform.

  1. Blueprint / Measurements – You don’t want to spend money on wood and make the wrong cuts. I recommend measuring 3-5 times and writing everything down. My sleeping platform was designed to have 2 long drawers with 4 side panels over the wheel wells (f0r muddy/wet gear) or gear I need to access while sleeping at night. The reason I chose this design was maximum sleeping space and gear storage. I can also fold in the side panels and remove the entire system by myself. img_2363
  2. Fabricate the base – This was the hardest part of the entire project. I didn’t have anyone to help me with this so you can imagine how difficult it was balancing the two pieces of plywood over the 1×10’s before screwing in. I made my base fit snug in between the wheel wells so I wouldn’t have to permanently mount anything. I used way more screws than I needed but this base is bullet proof .img_2365img_2366
  3. Hinged side panels – Next I added 4 pieces of cut plywood to the base. I mounted them with piano hinges from my local hardware store. I recommend adding 1×1 under hinges for extra support. img_2369img_2370
  4. 2 Long Drawers – The second hardest part of the build. Measure again before cutting. I didn’t use a rail system because I wanted to keep this simple. You may use wood wax if you want a smoother pull but I haven’t needed it. img_2372img_2373
  5. Custom Drawers – I decided to make custom drawers so my gear wouldn’t move around while driving and to add extra support. img_2374
  6. Finishing Touches – Last I sanded and then coated the entire sleeping platform with Polyurethane. After letting it dry for a few days I added drawer handles and sheet metal. img_2375img_2376

This project took some researching and planning but anyone can do it. I have had this for over a year and it still looks brand new. Below is my final project.


21 Comments on “01/25/2017 – Truck Camping

    • The material is called reflectix. Lowes hardware store carries it or you can find it online. It’s a very good insulator (hot and cold) and keeps out all the light. I used Velcro strips to attach it. It works very well.


  1. That is so awesome John!!! I can’t wait to watch your journey.
    Tammy Brophy Wenzel


  2. Looks awesome, consider coming through Manhattan national park on your trip. Good luck man!

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    Liked by 1 person

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