Hello everyone,

Today is Sunday April 2, 2017. I have just started my 4th week on the farm. The days are long but the weeks fly by. I work 6 days a week with Saturdays off. Sundays tend to be a bit more relaxed with chicken chores followed by helping the livestock crew with the animals. We only have 1 day off a week to explore and relax so I’ve been trying to make the most of it. Last Saturday I went rock climbing with another wwoofer and Trevor (farm director). This weekend I went on an overnight surf camping trip. I’ll cover that a little later.

dsc03949Sunset @ the Duplex

Adjusting to farm life has been great so far. I live in a house with 4 other interns and 2 full time staff members. My roommate is from New York. We get along great. Everyone in the house is awesome and it feels like a home more than a dorm. The best part is the girls are always baking something. Even though some days are full of backbreaking work we come home to great amenities. This includes daily home cooked meals from our awesome chefs. The duplex overlooks a beautiful hillside full of horses to the east. To the west you can see beautiful sunsets over the farm. The duplex is tucked away in the corner of the farm. The house has everything you could possible need. Not to mention it’s updated and beautiful.

The past 3 weeks I have worked with chickens, ducks, pigs, goats, sheep, horses, cows, and dogs. I have picked and sorted fruit with the orchard crew. I have worked with the the garden team – turning beds, planting, and thinning rows of crops. I have put up miles of fencing for sheep, cows, ducks and chicken for rotational grazing. I have unloaded trailers of compost. I’ve been apart of many lamb births. I’ve worked on soil testing and irrigation. I’ve set hundreds of gopher traps and hit many concrete posts with a sledgehammer. I have learned so much in so little time but still have so much more to learn.

The culture on this farm is unlike anything I’ve ever seen before. Every person on this farm respects and cares for it. You won’t find anyone standing around or being lazy. The farm is run by people that care. It’s not full of machinery found on many industrial farms. Almost all the work is done by hand. You can look at the surrounding farms and see the difference. The diversity on Apricot Lane Farm is incredible. The symbiotic relationships between the plants and animals make this place special. Every single inch of the farm is cared for. It creates a spiritual feeling that cannot be found on other farms.

The animals on the farm are treated like royalty. The farm uses no fertilizers or chemicals on the grass. The chickens and ducks are grass pastured. We move the coups to follow the cows and sheep. Using sustainable practices we get great tasting food with a cult like following.

I will continue to update on the farm and talk more about what being biodynamic farm means. In the mean time please check out our website and video series in the link below. I promise you will fall in love with the animals on this farm. John and Molly are doing some incredible things here and I’m so happy and grateful to be apart of it.

This weekend (Friday night – Saturday day) I went to Carpinteria, CA. Also known as “Carp”. I’ve been missing camping. I decided to stay at the beach front state park. I stayed here previously and enjoyed it so much I want to go back. The park offers a great surf break less than 100 ft from the campground. I packed a small bag, surfboard and headed for the coast after work. I was lucky enough to get a spot without a reservation. I set up my hammock, started a fire, and cracked a beer. It was nice to sleep with the ocean waves crashing in the distance. I slept like a baby and woke up to solid waves. I spent the morning surfing and the afternoon exploring nearby places. I highly recommend Carpinteria State Park for a weekend surfing trip.