Hello, I want to start off by saying I miss my dog. A lot. My sister Jenny has been taking care of him. Thanks for loving him and letting him sleep in your bed. Leaving Mason behind was tough but bringing him on this trip would not have been fair. Many parks have dog restrictions. Not because they don’t like dogs but because non native animals can disrupt the wildlife. National Park Service manages National… Read More

Hello, I’m currently writing this blog from Hot Springs, Arkansas. Since leaving the Smoky’s I have travelled through Kentucky and Tennessee to Arkansas. While in Kentucky I visited Mammoth Cave National Park. This was the first time in my life I have been in a real cave system. And by real I mean the worlds longest known cave system. The park ranger told me explorers have mapped over 400 miles of continuous cave. An… Read More

Hello everyone, First I want to say thank you for reading my blog. I have so many views and subscribers. I am thrilled. Creating a blog has allowed me to document my cross country trip. How cool will it be to look back at the end of my travels? It has also helped me push my photography to the next level. I’m no pro but I am getting more confident in my photos everyday…. Read More