Hello everyone, First I want to say thank you for reading my blog. I have so many views and subscribers. I am thrilled. Creating a blog has allowed me to document my cross country trip. How cool will it be to look back at the end of my travels? It has also helped me push my photography to the next level. I’m no pro but I am getting more confident in my photos everyday…. Read More

Hello everyone, Last night we decided to stay in and wake up early the this morning to visit Arlington National Cemetery. Elliot, Parth and me were glad we did. The cemetery is a reminder of the sacrifice soldiers make for our freedom. Seeing the Tomb of the Unknowns, JFKs gravesite, and over 600 acres of buried soldiers was humbling. Check out the pictures below.

Hello everyone, I have been in Arlington, Virginia (1 mile from D.C.) staying with my friend Parth the last two days. My best friend Elliot decided to take a bus from NYC last minute to join us for the weekend. Elliot didn’t get in until late so Parth took me to a cool spot called Martin’s Tavern in Georgetown. Many former Presidents have booths in the restaurant. It was nice to have… Read More